Sunday, November 1, 2009

National Peanut Festival

Mom called earlier this week and wanted to take Tristen to the National Peanut Festival fair, so he and I left Saturday afternoon to meet them. Rodney's daughter and son-in-law and their precious children were there also, as well as his parents, so we had a house full! Tristen LOVES to visit there. He can go fishing, ride the four-wheeler, and just talk to Mr. Rodney.

We left around 4 for the fair and had a blast. It was COLD!!! Forty-five degrees! My favorite part was the petting zoo and the pig races. Tristen had fun with all of us! We really missed Troy, who had to work :( boo. Tristen shot the bb-machine gun and won a gigantic dragon. We ate roasted corn, boiled peanuts, pizza, and of course, funnel cakes! We had a good time.

Sunday afternoon we went to Grandmama's to celebrate her 91st birthday! Her birthday is November 3rd. She is doing great and getting along reasonably well for a 91-year old. Everyone was there, including Susan's family. Bo and Blake are too cute!

Riding the Himilaya

Tristen riding the mechanical bull...

Shooting the BB/Machine Gun to blow the star out..

The gigantic dragon prize